New 2021 Can-Am Renegade 850 ATVs in Oakdale, NY

Mar 17, 2020
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Explore the Power and Agility of Can-Am Renegade 850 ATVs

Looking for an ATV that can conquer any terrain with ease? Look no further than Viper Scooters in Oakdale, NY. We are thrilled to introduce the new 2021 Can-Am Renegade 850 ATVs, renowned for their exceptional performance, durability, and versatility.

Discover Oakdale's Premier ATV Dealer

At Viper Scooters, we take pride in being Oakdale's premier ATV dealer. Our commitment to providing the highest quality vehicles and excellent customer service sets us apart from the competition. With a passion for outdoor adventures, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect ATV to fuel your adrenaline.

Why Choose the Can-Am Renegade 850 ATVs?

The Can-Am Renegade 850 ATVs are built to deliver unparalleled power, making them ideal for off-road enthusiasts and professionals alike. With an 850cc Rotax V-Twin engine, these ATVs provide the necessary torque and acceleration to handle any obstacle you encounter.

Unmatched Performance

Designed for performance, the Can-Am Renegade 850 ATVs feature advanced suspension systems, allowing for a smooth and controlled ride even on the most challenging terrains. The industry-leading power combined with innovative technology ensures an exhilarating off-road experience.

Durability and Reliability

Whether you're tackling rocky trails or muddy paths, the Can-Am Renegade 850 ATVs are built to withstand the toughest conditions. With durable construction and reliable components, these ATVs offer peace of mind knowing they can handle whatever you throw at them.

Versatility for Outdoor Adventures

From exploring rugged trails to hauling heavy loads, the Can-Am Renegade 850 ATVs offer unmatched versatility. With a towing capacity of up to 1,300 lbs and a spacious cargo rack, these ATVs are ready to tackle both work and play.

Visit Viper Scooters in Oakdale, NY

Ready to experience the power and thrill of a Can-Am Renegade 850 ATV? Visit Viper Scooters in Oakdale, NY. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect ATV that matches your needs and preferences. We offer a wide range of accessories and customization options to enhance your riding experience.

Unparalleled Customer Service

As Oakdale's leading ATV dealer, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Our friendly and experienced staff will guide you through the entire purchasing process, providing expert advice and answering any questions you may have.

Financing and Warranty Options

At Viper Scooters, we understand that purchasing an ATV is a significant investment. That's why we offer flexible financing options to help make your dream of owning a Can-Am Renegade 850 ATV a reality. Additionally, we provide warranty coverage to protect your investment and provide peace of mind.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a new 2021 Can-Am Renegade 850 ATV. Visit Viper Scooters in Oakdale, NY, or contact us today to schedule a test ride and explore the possibilities of off-road adventures.


Viper Scooters in Oakdale, NY offers the new 2021 Can-Am Renegade 850 ATVs, designed to deliver outstanding performance, durability, and versatility. With their powerful engines, advanced suspension systems, and unrivaled reliability, these ATVs are perfect for conquering any terrain. Visit Viper Scooters today and experience the thrill of Can-Am Renegade 850 ATVs for yourself!