Used 2020 Ducati XDiavel S Motorcycles in Oakdale, NY

Jun 19, 2022
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Discover the Exceptional Performance of the 2020 Ducati XDiavel S

If you're an enthusiast of high-performance motorcycles, look no further than the 2020 Ducati XDiavel S. This iconic motorcycle combines the power of a cruiser with the agility of a sportbike, delivering an exhilarating riding experience like no other.

Unparalleled Style and Design

The Ducati XDiavel S boasts a unique and bold design that will turn heads wherever you go. With its striking lines, muscular stance, and premium finish, this motorcycle exudes confidence and elegance. Every curve and detail has been meticulously crafted to create a masterpiece on wheels.

Powerful Engine and Performance

Underneath its captivating exterior, the 2020 Ducati XDiavel S houses a powerful 1262cc Testastretta DVT engine. This engine delivers an impressive 152 horsepower and 93 lb-ft of torque, providing extraordinary acceleration and speed. Whether you're cruising on the highway or carving corners on twisting roads, the XDiavel S delivers unrivaled performance.

Advanced Technology and Features

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the XDiavel S offers a range of advanced features to enhance your riding experience. From its full-color TFT display and Ducati Multimedia System to its cornering ABS and traction control, this motorcycle prioritizes safety, convenience, and connectivity. Every ride becomes a journey of joy and excitement.

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