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Jan 9, 2018
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Unleash Your Adventure with the Pan America™ 1250

Welcome to Suffolk County Harley-Davidson®, your premier destination for all things Harley-Davidson®. If you're an adventure-seeking rider looking for the perfect companion for your journeys, look no further than the Pan America™ 1250. This groundbreaking motorcycle is designed to take you to new heights, allowing you to explore uncharted territories with confidence and style.

The Power of the Pan America™ 1250

As an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealership, we are proud to offer the Pan America™ 1250 to enthusiasts and riders in Suffolk County. This exceptional adventure touring motorcycle combines impressive power, advanced technology, and unparalleled comfort to deliver an extraordinary riding experience like no other.

Features and Specifications

The Pan America™ 1250 is equipped with a powerful Revolution® Max 1250 engine, delivering an exhilarating performance on both paved roads and rugged trails. With its 150 horsepower and 122 lb-ft of torque, this motorcycle offers incredible power for any off-road adventure you have in mind.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Pan America™ 1250 features adjustable suspension, ensuring smooth handling and superior control in various riding conditions. Whether you're cruising on the highway or tackling challenging terrain, this motorcycle adapts to your needs effortlessly.

With its advanced technology, the Pan America™ 1250 offers a range of innovative features, including an intuitive touchscreen display, integrated navigation system, and multiple riding modes. Stay connected and informed on the road, and customize your riding experience to match your preferences and surroundings.

Unparalleled Comfort and Durability

Harley-Davidson® motorcycles are known for their comfort and ability to withstand the test of time, and the Pan America™ 1250 is no exception. With its ergonomic design, plush seating, and adjustable components, this motorcycle provides unparalleled comfort during long rides, minimizing fatigue and enhancing your overall enjoyment of the adventure.

Equipped with durable components and superior engineering, the Pan America™ 1250 is built to tackle even the most demanding terrains. From its rugged tires to its robust frame, this motorcycle can handle whatever challenges come your way, further amplifying your confidence as you embark on thrilling journeys.

Experience the Pan America™ 1250 at Suffolk County Harley-Davidson®

Ready to elevate your riding experience to new heights? Visit Suffolk County Harley-Davidson® today and explore our impressive selection of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, including the Pan America™ 1250. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in finding the perfect motorcycle that suits your needs and preferences.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that every rider who walks through our doors receives personalized attention and expert guidance. Discover the capabilities of the Pan America™ 1250 firsthand and take it for a thrilling test ride. We are confident that you'll be impressed with its performance and all the features it has to offer.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of Harley-Davidson® history. Contact Suffolk County Harley-Davidson® today or visit our showroom to experience the Pan America™ 1250 in person. Your next adventure awaits!

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This Pan America™ 1250 is a beast! 🏍️💨 Ready to hit the road and conquer new territories? Look no further! Suffolk County Harley-Davidson® has got you covered! 🌍🔥 Unleash your inner explorer with this groundbreaking motorcycle and embark on unforgettable adventures! 🌄🏞️ The power, the performance, and the thrill – all in one ride. 🤩 Time to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace the unknown! Let the Pan America™ 1250 be your trusty companion on the journey to epic memories. 🌟👏
Nov 11, 2023